Family trip- Where to go with your kids to Heraklion:

1.       Natural History museum of Crete

The natural history museum is the Top destination for kids because it has playroom to numerous of children’s activities! You have the chance to let the children  learn, by doing activities that keep them busy and learning. The most popular lesson is the “earthquake room” where kids learn how to react in case an earthquake happens. The second one is a lesson on dinosaurs, caves and general themes regarding the Mediterranean culture and wildlife, plants, animals etc.

2.       Palace of Knossos

It is a place where everyone “MUST”  go. When with kids, we set it as 2nd choice. Your kid will get excited by the Labyrinth and the Minotaur, listening the history by a tour guide. There are many Greek myths they will get fascinated by listening them, the place is an archaeological site where most people wish to visit when coming to Crete!

The “Arcaeological Palace of Knosssos “ is the place where your kids will find answers on how and from where European myths start, the first games took place on Crete, where in Mythology first Olympic games took place here, the story about “the abduction of Europe” that born God Dias or Zeus, Sarpidon and Radamanthy!

3.       Labyrith Park

It is the one which was made to “play & Learn” for kids and families who love the Greek mythology and the Minoan culture of Crete. Children can play and try to escape from the Minotaur and ofcourse watch video about Minoan civilization. Mini golf and walking is the other activities they can enjoy.

4.       Watercity Park, the largest of Crete’s waterparks.

This is a place where kids and parents can enjoy playing with the numerous water tubes and pools. The place is just 20min far from Heraklion city and just 5min far from Hersonisos area. The place has snack bars, restaurants, refreshments, sun beds and is well organized to leave your kids alone playing, as there are enough lifeguards around the pools.

5.       Dinosauria Park: This is located very close to Cretaquarium.

The name is taken from Dinosaurus-In Greek means “killer” or “desperate assassin” species of saurus  and is named like this because these species of dinosaurs were threatening human beings  A) Pachycephalosaurus,means “fat head” .  B)Ankylosaurus, means the one that it’s skin was full of armored plates and a tal that ended in a massive club of bone. C) Dinosaurus , the “killer” the one that was killing any being on earth.

6.       Cretaquarium:

The place is located 15min far from Heraklion city, west. Children of all ages and their parents will love exploring the rare Mediterranean species of fish, all about the Greek seas and take part in activities regarding the theme of Mediterranean seas and species. It is our last suggestion and propose all visitors to visit this place.