Crete is the most beautiful island in Greece, if not in the whole Mediterranean Sea. Above all, it is an island of unique and unforgettable experiences. It’s the first destination for someone who decides to take a picture of the Mediterranean nature.

The main cities are Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Agios Nicholaos. Each of these 4 regional units has it’s own charm and with 10 days you can take advantage of all 4. Thus, hire your car with us and enjoy a carefree holiday in Crete.

One day Trip to Heraklion city.

What do you really think is best to do in Heraklion city while ον vacation in Crete?

Park your car to the Port Parking of Heraklion and walk to the city center to visit the following places:

Heraklion is the largest of the cities of Crete. 5km far from the city center East or West are located magnificent beaches, Ammoudara is in the West and Karteros and Kokkini Chani to the East.

Chania city Tour

Chania location:

Chania region is the western part of Crete. It is one of the most well known places of the island. it covers the westernmost quarter of the island. Its population is about 150.000.
Its capital is the city of Chania. Chania is the second largest city of Crete, with a population of 60.000 inhabitants.

Chania City:
Chania city is consisted of the New City and the Old City.
The New city of Chania is hosting buildings built during 1900 till today. The city is easy to drive, as all roads drive to “Agora” market. New hotels and apartments are located in every main street. Chania new city is well constructed. The city prides for it’s Technical University, one of the best of Greece. Chania city is hosting all means of transportation: Busses or Taxis or limo cars that easy drives you all over the region. New city of Chania has the most busy market of the region. Numerous of shops with souvenirs and clothes along the Agora market can be visited all days of the week.

The old city is built through the venetian occupation and the Turkish occupation. Most buildings are furnished and are used as hostels or hotels. The old city port is “fantastic beautiful”! Shops along the coast are welcoming visitors with delicious food. Walking through the narrow streets of Chania old city is exciting. You can hire a boat and sail the port area or even swim if you wish. The old port is hosting boats or small cruise boats for sightseeing.

Day trip from Chania city:

The most popular day excursion from Chania city is “Samaria Gorge” day trip. You can easy get in a bus and drive the Omalos mountain to the beginning of Samaria Gorge entrance. A walk of 17km for sightseeing will take you to sougia beach port. A ferry will take you to Chora Sfakion where another bus will return you to Chania city.

Chania is reachable by airplane, its airport is the second busiest of Crete. It is 20km far from the city center and easy to be transferred by taxi or bus. The hire cars are a good solution, as taxi costs more when you carry suitcases and may need 2 vehicles to be transferred.

Port Souda:
The port of Souda is new and dock ferries coming from Athens or Pireas port as well cruise ferries. It is very close to the city of Chania. The port of Souda is connected with a local bus every 30 minutes.

South of Chania
South of Chania is located Paleochora, a fantastic place for family vacation with 3 ports and huge pedestrian street along.

West of Chania is the famous balos beach, this is a place to visit from Kissamos port with a ferry!

South West:
Elafonisi beach lays on the southwest part of Chania, a paradise beach, visitors want to stay there for ever. Elafonisi is the most visited place of Chania.

South West:
Elafonisi beach lays on the southwest part of Chania, a paradise beach, visitors want to stay there for ever. Elafonisi is the most visited place of Chania.

Matala bay:

The huge caves in the cliff of the Matala bay were created in the Neolithic Age

Matala was the port of Festos (Phaistos) during the Minoan period. In the year 220 BC, Matala was occupied by the Gortynians. During the Roman period, Matala became the port of Gortyna. In the 1st and 2nd centuries, the caves were used as tombs.

The Location:

Matala is located in the south part of Heraklion prefecture. It is a village with a physical port. The location is ideal. The port was used for boats and ferries and generally helped the Gortynians trade their good to Africa and Meditteranean.

Matala became a tourist attraction. The 60’s and 70’s hosted the “hippies”. Many European found the “paradise” beach and the caves as a place of stay.

When Dias (Zeus) seduced the princess Europa, he crossed Meditteranean sea and brought her to the beach of Matala. He then changed to an Eagle and flew her to Gortys.

Matala village:
Today, Matala is an area hosting tourists. The location is ideal. People enjoy swimming in Matala gulf. There is no possibility a visitor not to enjoy the place. There are no waves and the beach is accessed easy.
The village is having many options of accommodation. There are many taverns along the beach. The entertainment shops are too many. The camping resort is in a good place too. The whole area is well organized.

How to go to Matala:

Matala is connected with Heraklion city with the local bus. There is a bus driving to south of Heraklion every 1 hour. Matala is close to Moires city, the area’s capital. The connection is quite often and easy to use. The best option though is a hired car.

Matala festival:
Matala beach festival takes place every year, since 2011. June is the best month, the Municipality is supporting the festival. Musicians all over the world and artists take part to celebrate peace and happiness!

Spinalonga island

Spinalonga is an island with a castle built on the years of Venetian Crete.
The island is located in the eastern Crete, in Kalydon gulf. It is a “famous” place opposite Elounda port and Plaka village.

The name “Spinalonga”:
Venetians used it to include the large peninsula of “Nissi”or “Kolokytha”, which is connected to Elounda by a narrow isthmus.
The “Leper island” is the name you may understand as island’s name because of its latest use, hospital of Lepers or better as Leper colony.
The name Spinalonga appeared around the 13th century. So they familiarized it using their own language, who, unfamiliar with Greek, corrupted the place-name “Stin Elounda” (“at Elounda”), originally to Spinalounde (13th century) and later to Spinalonga.

The place is reachable through the sea with small boats.
Buy the excursion and get in a tourist bus straight from the place you stay. This is called 1 day trip to Spinalonga.

Hire a car and drive yourself to the site. You will need to drive to Elounda port or Plaka port. The procedure is easy. Buy a ticket and get in the ferry. The ferry man will transfer you to the port of the island.

You may need 2 hours to walk the paths. When arriving to the port you need to pay the ticket entrance.
The castle is beautiful. The cells are still the same, as they were in past hosting soldiers and Lepers.

Its popular culture:
Nowadays, the uninhabited island is a popular tourist attraction in Crete. The island can easily be accessed from Plaka, the nearest port.
Spinalonga is characterized as statue of Unesco World heritage. This island is belonging to the Archaeological sites of Greece.